About Nicolas Chauvin

The design is undoubtedly the first passion of Nicolas. Very young he draws what he sees, what he imagines he feels a constant need to take pencils and shows, on paper, an amazing maturity. His curiosity for the functioning of mechanisms occurs from 7-8 years dedicated to modeling , construction and implementation , among other things, war scenes. He lives in Brussels , European future capital, which in the late 70s is very imprint of the American cuture. Due to its geographical location, Belgium benefit from several sources of inspiration , many foreign artists who settled there and thus influence the Belgian art scene. Nicolas will feed very large artistic references from Flemish painting he discovered over the Belgian museums, contemporary art exhibited in galleries pointed the capital. While the Belgian police circulates in HD and carries with it the American myths , his passion for motorcycles to clarify this point. Later, he participated in the legend by creating from scratch its own machines to be celebrated by a continent that has always dreamed of. In 1979 , the family returned to France and settled in Bordeaux. The region while offering Nicolas freedom and space he needs to satisfy his pleasure to ride. He begins to change its 1st motorcycles, transform frames, paint tanks and helmets friends. He draws a lot and + in +. His painting is inspired by Druillet Wojtek Siudmak Boris Vallejo and the surrealism of Dali, he then feels he must do his job . Taking advantage of moving his family to Paris , he enrolled at the School of Graphic Arts Corvisart . It will come out in 1984 illustrator, but despite his talent mid advertising does not suit him , so he decides to meet her 2 passions : motorcycles and creation. He became trainer and released his first motorcycle in 1985. The first Harley in 1989 and will become the Forever Wild in 95.

Now he is able to fully realize a single machine , from his own imagination. Meanwhile, Stevie Ray Vaughan was born in 1992 and marked a turning point in the European custom. It will be celebrated several years after most beautiful motorcycle in Europe. The Electric Flam follow in 1994. The consecration took place qques + years later with the Demon from Paradise who after winning the + major European shows will be celebrated in 1999 in the U.S.. In 2000, Stevie Ray Vaughan is exposed next to machines built by Arlen Ness and Dave Perewitz … for 4 months at Barbican Art Gallery in London, Kulturuset in Stockholm and finally Liverpool Museum. In 2003 lot Satanico Pendemonium , referring to Salma Hayek in ‘From Dusk till dawn ‘ Quentin Tarantino scored his time in Europe and the U.S.. It is also widely supported by the international press. In 2006, Satanico is chosen by S & S to represent France for 1 year in the + big bike shows in the U.S. during the Builders Showcase of S & S. Resurrection happens in 2005 and won numerous awards including the Best Paint in Europe presented by House of Kolors. In 2006 , yet unfinished , the Back n’Black is presented in bulders World Championship in Sturgis where she earned a 13th place. Later, Nicolas choose to ‘ dress ‘ a beautiful red candy and will rename Back n’ Blood. In 2008 , S & S asked Nicolas to join the top 50 manufacturers in the world to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the brand. The total success with the Wild Night # 1 which ends in its class (V Series) in the U.S.. A few years later the + Pilouface fate worthy heir to the SRV , and a great success. Although his passion for radical custom bikes is intact , Nicolas is also dedicated today to design and contemporary art by carrying out metal sculptures.

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